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Nicky Gavron AM: "Euston: destruction or opportunity?"

Link to web site
(image is from the area plan)

"In Euston, HS2 means major change. The station itself will need to expand in size, either vertically or horizontally, to accomodate high-speed trains in addition to current traffic. This new station will also have new track leading to it, requiring demolition of much of the neighbourhood to the north/northwest of the station. The area will lose hundreds of homes, at least 20 businesses, listed buildings and open spaces, and the historic Leslie Green underground station building.

"But with such change comes opportunity. Euston will now be even more connected, and even more of a centre for business and higher education. The Greater London Authority is working with Camden council to develop a Euston Area Plan to ensure that, if HS2 goes ahead, Euston:
“get[s] the best possible results for local people and businesses, and to make the most of any potential benefits a new station and rail link could present.”
"This means the homes, jobs, and open spaces affected by HS2 must be replaced with more and better ones, with local people in mind."

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