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[Reposted] Old Oak Common railways, and Acton Wells Junction images and speculation

(Old Oak Common, looking west, 1938)

(Planned Crossrail depot, looking south)

(Railway companies in 1903)

(Current railway lines [freight line loop is very faint])

(Acton Wells Junction, 2013: picture: loose_grip_99)

(Acton Wells Junction, looking north, 1988)

Acton Wells Junction:
TfL options A and C have a 2-platform station (blue);
TFl option B has a 4-platform station (orange and blue).
All options have a long subway/walkway, from Victoria Road (off to left)
via the station, to Old Oak Common Lane and the HS2 station (to the right).

Also shows speculation:
Possible platforms on the Dudding Hill Line are in purple,
on a new alignment moved away from Midland Terrace homes,
plus four-tracking to allow Option B to reach Acton Main Line station,
instead of terminating in the orange platforms.
A possible staff depot and car park in Midland Terrace is in green above.

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