BBC: "HS2: Cameron hails 'vital programme' as MPs approve funding"

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"Prime Minister David Cameron has said the HS2 rail project is an "absolutely vital programme" as MPs approved funding to prepare for the project.

Some Conservative MPs voted against the the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill, but it easily cleared the Commons, moving the controversial rail line a step closer to becoming a reality.

The legislation releases funds to pay for surveys, buy property and compensate evicted residents. MPs backed it by 350 votes to just 34."


OLD OAK LANE: Stop Acton's copy of the Brent Cross waste incinerator!

A message from
Old Oak Incinerator Campaign

It is fighting a plan that is identical to this
Brent Cross waste incinerator plan below,
from the same off-shore tax-haven company...

(Click for link)
which is actually a second waste incinerator plan
for Brent Cross, the first being...

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The site visit is about 10.30am
so please assemble from 10am
this Saturday 2 November

PLEASE JOIN US at the site in Channel Gate Road, off Old Oak Lane, NW10

FROM 10am ONWARDS to be ready to (respectfully) greet the Ealing councillors

Please bring your Banners and Placards –

a BROLLY, and a huge amount of POSITIVE SPIRIT

(That means HOPE by the way, NOT GIN!!!)



Now it’s down to each and every person to contact all their friends and neighbours

We need at least 500 people there on Saturday

then they will see how much people DO CARE

Don’t let a bit of rain keep you away, we need everyone to be there!

Don’t forget we will never have this CHANCE again !

and on Twitter

Link to Brent & Kilburn Times


GetWestLondon: "Friends of Wormwood Scrubs say no to HS2 homes development"

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"The Friends of Wormwood Scrubs have collected more than 3,000 signatures to stop a potential development of 19,000 homes, shops and leisure facilities planned for Old Oak Common, around a proposed HS2 and Crossrail hub.

"Early plans designed jointly by Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, and Brent councils with Transport for London and the Mayor of London, include a raised railway viaduct cutting along the north-west corner of the 190-acre park.

"The Friends are also concerned about proposals to build several high-rise buildings along the northern edge of the Scrubs, which is home to 150 species of wildlife."


LB of Hammersmith & Fulham: "What a load of rubbish"

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"There were shouts of ‘Urgh!’ and ‘That’s disgusting!’ this week in Lyric Square, along with stares from inquisitive residents doing their shopping and workers on their lunch breaks, as they passed a six-foot tall box filled to the top with rubbish.

"The clear, plastic box stood in the square on Tuesday and contained waste collected from the rubbish bins and off the street in a half a mile stretch between Hammersmith Broadway and Hammersmith Town Hall in King Street.

"Around 30 bags were put into the box over an eight hour period to show how much rubbish is thrown away every day and to demonstrate that the majority of it could actually be easily recycled – if the right items, like drinks’ cans, plastic bottles and newspapers, had been put in the correct bin."


The Rail Engineer: "HS2 Fights Back"

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"The reason for building HS2 can sometimes be obscured in the fog of argument about whether people work on trains, benefit-cost ratios (BCR) and the like, writes Tim Smart, Head of Engineering and Operations, HS2 Ltd.

"There have been a number of negative comments in the media during the latter part of the summer concerning the likely out-turn costs of HS2. Some are from notable sources, but it is far from clear on what real basis these comments have been made.

"It seems to me they were made more on the narrow and short-sighted view that big infrastructure projects are not successful in meeting cost targets than a proper understanding of the proposals and strategies behind HS2. They also ignore recent successful projects such as the Heathrow Terminal 5, 2012 Olympics and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link – HS1."

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