Construction News: "HS2 could add extra station enabling package"

"High Speed 2 could create additional enabling packages to support the development of its Old Oak Common station if the government decides to approve the construction of a development deck above it, Construction News has learned.

"HS2 Ltd said it would be open to adding to the station enabling deals it was currently drawing up if a deck to support over-site development was approved by the Department for Transport.

"Old Oak Common is one of four stations that will be built or redeveloped as part of phase one of the £55.7bn mega-project. HS2 also plans to redevelop London Euston while constructing new stations at Birmingham Interchange and Birmingham Curzon Street.

"Construction News understands that a number of the joint ventures bidding for the £11.8bn civils packages will keep their consortiums intact for the station bids.

"Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation chief executive Victoria Hills told Construction News the corporation was in conversation with HS2 about the technical and commercial viability of putting more development around Old Oak Common station."

Andrew Wolstenholme, CEO Crossrail Ltd: "They think it's all over. It isn't quite yet."


The Guardian: "The new robot revolution will take the boss's job - not the gardener's"

"Advances in artificial intelligence mean a second wave of change is approaching - and it is not the low-paid service sector where jobs are most at risk"

"Guy Ryder is an old hand at Davos. The director general of the International Labour Organisation has seen it all: the years when the global business elite is brimful of confidence and the years, such as 2017, when the top 1% of the top 1% is fretful.

"Ryder detected parallels with 2009, when the global economy seemed to be heading for a second Great Depression. Eight years ago, the attendees were shaken by the banking collapse but showed little contrition. This year, they were alarmed by the populist anger that was evident in Brexit and Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House but couldn’t really understand why it was happening.

" 'The global elite has been saying all week that the public doesn’t really understand all the good things they are doing for it,' Ryder says. He is quite right about that. The 2017 Davos was a classic example of how people can be, at one and the same time, very bright and utterly obtuse.

"... [But] Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) mean a second wave of change is approaching – and this time the jobs at risk from the machines are going to be [many senior] jobs in the service sector."

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