Evening Standard: "Overhaul of Euston starts to take shape"

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(image is of 2008 scheme)

"There is a political and planning minefield to cross before Related Companies can break ground on a £5.3 billion redevelopment of Euston station.

"But the giant US developer of Hudson Yards in New York has made a shrewd first move.

"A lock-up agreement was signed earlier this month with the Gross family, owners of Sydney & London — a relative tiddler but landlord of 300,000 square feet of ageing real estate sat on two acres in front of the station. 'Any other bidder will have to issue us with a compulsory purchase order,' S&L’s chief executive Richard Anning said."

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"In 2008, in conjunction with Atkins, we published our Vision Masterplan for the redevelopment of Euston Station and the surrounding area. Commissioned by the owners of The Euston Estate, the project helped us to understand the potential for a comprehensive, mixed use, over-station development scheme at Euston that reflected the aspirations of the various stakeholders as well as the constraints associated with delivering a project of that scale. However, the announcement in 2010 that Euston had been selected as the London terminus for the HS2 rail project meant that the scheme proposed in our Vision Masterplan was no longer deliverable.

"We have therefore revisited the original scheme and, working again with Atkins and our new development partner, Related Corporation – the American developers behind the Hudson Rail Yards scheme in New York – have produced an updated document that sets out the principles behind a revised masterplan. This scheme is compatible with the current HS2 proposals for Euston ('Option 8') but will also maximise the value from the site, helping to fund the station modernisation and deliver the community.


New Civil Engineer: Old Oak Common

"Ambitious plans to transform one of the most deprived parts of London into a thriving new district with up to 24,000 new homes and more than 55,000 jobs have moved a step closer.

"Deputy mayor for planning Sir Edward Lister has announced that City Hall is about to enter detailed negotiations with three local authorities for the creation of a Mayoral Development Corporation (MDCto drive the comprehensive regeneration of a 80ha semi-industrial site at Old Oak Common, West London.

"The Mayor’s team will shortly meet with Hammersmith & Fulham, Brent and Ealing councils to agree these details so that the MDC can best maximise the enormous benefits that are linked to the construction of the High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail superhub station that is due to be constructed by 2026.

"Lister made the announcement at the Mipim property fair in Cannes today [20 March]. The announcement follows Johnson’s keynote speech at the same event earlier this week:

HS2 Growth Taskforce: "A report to government on maximising the benefits of HS2"

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"This report sets out the main challenges the High Speed 2 (HS2) Growth Taskforce can see in maximising the benefits from HS2, and their recommendations on what should be done to address these.

"They set out a range of challenges for the government, local authorities, HS2 Ltd and UK businesses and workers; all of which stand to benefit from HS2.

"The HS2 Growth Taskforce was created in summer 2013 to advise the government on how to maximise the return from the investment in HS2. Members draw on their collective knowledge and experience in business, the public sector and academia, and their direct involvement in major infrastructure projects around the world.

"This report is also based on the evidence they gathered through engagements over the last 6 months in:
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Loughborough
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • London."


"David Higgins launches his vision for HS2"

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"The new chairman of HS2 Ltd, David Higgins, has published his review of the project, including his thoughts on the progress made so far, its ongoing development, and his plans for the future."


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Government response


Evening Standard: "House prices show first signs of 'Crossrail Effect'"

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"First evidence of the 'Crossrail Effect' on the price of new homes was discovered on Monday, after clambering into an £80 million concrete box in Woolwich.

"The submerged chamber at Royal Arsenal is 256 metres long, capacious enough to embrace a falling skyscraper, and designed as the perfect fit for a Crossrail station. The stop will cut the journey time to Bond Street to 21 minutes from 45.

" 'Prices have risen from £450 per square foot to £550 since last June, when it was announced the station would be built into our box," says John Anderson, chairman of Berkeley Group’s East Thames division. His remarks came after a descent to platform level and a tour of the 85-acre former munitions site, which holds 2000 homes, with space for 3000 more."

Kensington & Chelsea: Kensal Portabello Crossrail station

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"The Crossrail service, when completed in 2017/18, will travel on the existing railway tracks which run through the Kensal Gasworks site.

"Whilst no station is currently proposed, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) have been leading a public campaign for 'Kensal Portobello' station. The Mayor of London stated in 2009 that he would support a Crossrail station, provided it can be delivered on time, not disrupt rail performance, and prove economically viable.

"All thee conditions have now been met, so we're asking the Mayor and the Department for Transport to look again at the proposals.

"In previously rejecting the station, the Department for Transport reiterated the Government's aspiration to use Old Oak Common for an HS2 hub, implicitly suggesting this negates the need for Crossrail on the Gasworks site. However, there is nothing to stop both sites coming forward, and in rejecting a Crossrail station on the Gasworks site the Government will substantially reduce the development potential of the site, resulting in fewer homes being built and fewer jobs being created.

"The Gasworks site is located in the north of RBKC, adjacent to the Grand Union Canal. It consists of the now disused Kensal Gasworks, a Sainsbury's supermarket and a former Eurostar depot. Kensal is very disconnected, however it is the most densely populated area on the Crossrail route, as well as being the most deprived area on the route outside of East London."

  • Thursday 6th March
    Sainsbury's, Canal Way, Ladbroke Grove
    4pm - 7pm

  • Friday 7th March
    Portobello Road Market
    All day

  • Wednesday 12th March
    Sainsbury's, Canal Way, Ladbroke Grove
    4pm - 7pm

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