BBC: "HS2 rail alternatives no solution, MPs say"

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"Alternatives to the High Speed Two (HS2) rail link would not solve the capacity problems on Britain's railways, MPs say.

"A report by the Parliamentary Inquiry into Britain's rail capacity says only the high-speed rail network can create the extra capacity needed.

"The MPs found that alternatives, such as incremental upgrades to the existing network, would not be sufficient.

"Opponents of HS2 say the report looked at a 'limited' set of alternatives."

Link to report (PDF)

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  1. Whilst the idea of HS2 is a good one it does not go far enough.

    What is required is a simple dug tunnel between London and Birmingham, causing no disruption at ground level that is lined has a maglev line placed in it, so that vehicles can travel as fat ad 5000kph. London to Birmingham in say 10 minutes is quite feasible.

    Now vision, as those who built the railways had vision.


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