Powerday Old Oak: "Who We Are"

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"Powerday is a family-owned recycling and waste management company, founded in 1980.

"We provide the alternative to landfill, delivering 100% recovery from waste to organisations across London and beyond. Providing this environmentally responsible approach, we have grown significantly, doubling in size in the past three years. We have a strong belief in our responsibility to the environment and our local community. We have invested to maximise recycling and then to produce a fuel for energy recovery from residual waste. We ensure traceability with virtually all materials remaining in the UK.

"Where possible, we use environmentally-responsible transport links. Our Old Oak Sidings site sits on a 26-mile lock-free section of the Grand Union Canal between Camden and Slough. The company’s wharf can take three 90ft barges at any one time, carrying up to 80 tonnes of waste each. The site is also situated at a key railway junction and has its own sidings. A train leaves these sidings daily carrying recovered soil to Buckinghamshire for use in restoration schemes. One train holds the equivalent of 70 lorry loads of material, making this an extremely environmentally-responsible option.

"We harvest rainwater for use in dust suppression and road cleaning around the site, as well as in the fire-safety system. We have built a viewing gantry and training room, to provide safe and effective viewpoints for clients and other visitors interested in learning more about the recycling and recovery process."

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