Evening Standard: "Overhaul of Euston starts to take shape"

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(image is of 2008 scheme)

"There is a political and planning minefield to cross before Related Companies can break ground on a £5.3 billion redevelopment of Euston station.

"But the giant US developer of Hudson Yards in New York has made a shrewd first move.

"A lock-up agreement was signed earlier this month with the Gross family, owners of Sydney & London — a relative tiddler but landlord of 300,000 square feet of ageing real estate sat on two acres in front of the station. 'Any other bidder will have to issue us with a compulsory purchase order,' S&L’s chief executive Richard Anning said."

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"In 2008, in conjunction with Atkins, we published our Vision Masterplan for the redevelopment of Euston Station and the surrounding area. Commissioned by the owners of The Euston Estate, the project helped us to understand the potential for a comprehensive, mixed use, over-station development scheme at Euston that reflected the aspirations of the various stakeholders as well as the constraints associated with delivering a project of that scale. However, the announcement in 2010 that Euston had been selected as the London terminus for the HS2 rail project meant that the scheme proposed in our Vision Masterplan was no longer deliverable.

"We have therefore revisited the original scheme and, working again with Atkins and our new development partner, Related Corporation – the American developers behind the Hudson Rail Yards scheme in New York – have produced an updated document that sets out the principles behind a revised masterplan. This scheme is compatible with the current HS2 proposals for Euston ('Option 8') but will also maximise the value from the site, helping to fund the station modernisation and deliver the community.

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