West London Sport: "Old Oak plan 'speculative & presumptuous'"

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"QPR's plan to build a new stadium at Old Oak is 'speculative and presumptuous' according to the managing director of Cargiant, the west London-based car supermarket which must be relocated for the project to go ahead.

"Rangers want to build a sports arena as part of a Canary Wharf-style regeneration of the area, which has long been the ambition of the club’s Malaysian owners.

"But Tony Mendes, whose company owns 45 acres of the proposed site, has denied reports of an exclusivity agreement with QPR and also warned that the proposals 'may take significantly longer' to become reality than anticipated. Mendes said:
"We have been made aware of recent press reports regarding the regeneration of Old Oak Common, the site on which Cargiant sits."

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