Evening Standard: "Peter Bill on property: Teamwork the key for QPR to win in Old Oak Common clash"

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"The chairman of Queens Park Rangers, Tony Fernandes, and the owner of Car Giant, Geoff Warren, need to be locked in a room at City Hall by London's Deputy Mayor, Sir Edward Lister, who should then depart the room, uttering the words: 'Nobody gets out until you (stabs finger at Warren) agree to give him (stabs finger at Fernandes) enough of your land to build his new stadium at Old Oak Common. Is that bloody clear?'

If only. Fernandes is spending millions, working up a planning application for the 25,000 homes across the entire 345 acres of land, due to be declared to the Mayoral Development Corporation next week. The centrepiece is a 40,000-seater football stadium which QPR’s advisers insist can go in only one spot: on five of the 47 acres of land owned by Warren.

"The 59-year-old car salesman, who earned himself a £220 million fortune dealing from his Old Oak acres, said here three weeks ago: 'The stadium is just not going to happen. We have a compelling vision of our own.' Warren wants to build 10,000 homes on his land. He has hired two of the property industry's most formidable negotiators in the shape of Ian and Richard Livingstone of London & Regional."

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