Until Thurs 16 July: St Quintin and Woodlands Draft Neighbourhood Plan

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"The St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum and Area were officially designated on 2 July 2013. Since then the Forum, with help and advice from the Kensington & Chelsea Council, has developed a draft Neighbourhood Plan for the Neighbourhood Area. The Forum has conducted workshops during this process and held an eight week consultation on an earlier draft of the plan from December 1 2014 to January 25 2015.

"The Draft St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted by the Forum to the Council on 17 May 2015.

"The Council is now conducting a further six week formal consultation on the Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan from Thursday 4 June to Thursday 16 July.

"This version of the plan contains two new policies (4b and 4c) which have not been consulted upon by the Forum and the wording of some policies has changed since the previous consultation conducted by the Forum.

"All the comments received in response to this consultation will be passed to an independent examiner. The examiner’s job is to decide if the Draft Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions required for a Neighbourhood Plan, which are that it:
  • meets EU obligations
  • has regard to national planning guidance
  • is in general conformity with the strategic policies of the Council’s Development Plan
  • contributes to sustainable development
  • is compatible with human rights requirements
"The examiner can accept the plan as it is written, make changes, or reject the plan because it does not meet the basic conditions. In the event that there are objections to some of the policies in the Draft Plan it is likely that the examiner will decide to hold a public hearing to consider certain issues. In view of this the examination will not be held until September, after the summer holiday period.

"If the plan passes the examination, a referendum will be held. Anyone on the electoral roll within the Neighbourhood Area will be eligible to vote."

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