Architecture Foundation: "The Architecture of High Rise"

"A first look at the architecture of Ben Wheatley's upcoming dystopian thriller"

"The first trailer for Ben Wheatley's upcoming film adaptation of J G Ballard's 'High Rise' has been released. It contains a smattering of architectural insights into characters' world - a Brutalist(ish), Corbusian(ish) tower marooned in an ocean of car parking. The story was in part inspired by the wave of ambitious post-war housing developments across the UK and Europe.
High Rise is set in Outer London far removed from the city proper. [Old Oak Common?] Roughly where the ExCel Centre now is. [Oh.] Events unfold in the first tower to be completed of a new masterplan by Royals' firm. We think these towers are jointly inspired by Abalos & Herreros' Torre Woremann in Gran Canaria mixed with Neave Brown's Alexandra Road Estate in Camden.
"A central character, Anthony Royal, the fictional architect of the tower dwells in its penthouse - a thinly veiled reference to Hungarian-born architect Ernő Goldfinger who famously took a flat at the top of Balfron Tower in Poplar which he designed.

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