[Reposted] Thu 21 and Sat 23 April 2016: Aurora Developments: North Kensington / South Harlesden Gate: 25-storey residential tower

"PSP-FARMAN Holding [ultimate owner of Guernsey-based Aurora Developments Ltd.] was founded in 1997 due to the merger of two investment and building structures:
  • PSP, one of the first Russian commercial construction companies, operating since 1987
  • FARMAN ENGINIRING Europian company, operating in the Russian market since 1991.
"Today, PSP-FARMAN Holding is a multifunctional construction organization with well-organized structure of subdivisions, which applies the most advanced forms of management and production at all stages of project implementation:
  • Turning ideas into business projects, accomplishing prior calculations and obtaining necessary approvals.
  • Negotiating with financial institutions in order to attract funding.
  • Provision of a full range of design works with own Design Department, passing the state examination and issuance of documentation.
  • Performing a package of design work applying to the objects of historical and cultural heritage.
  • Highly accurate 3D laser scanning of buildings.
  • Serving as a general contractor of construction, installation and finishing works with own production capacity.
  • Restoration works.
  • Serving as a technical customer.
  • Advanced engineering equipment and finishing materials purchase from around the world, delivery and temporary storage.
  • Own Aluminum Structures Department.
  • Own production of wooden, plastic and artificial stone interior elements.
  • Managing the whole process of project implementation with BEXEL (5D) software which lets consolidate and monitor the work of all services and be transparent to the customers.
"PSP-FARMAN Holding Group is a team of experienced specialists from Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Israel.

"The total number of completed projects of the Holding is more than 200 objects including banks, office, public and residential buildings, commercial and industrial centres, sports centres and transport infrastructure, that occupies a total area of over 1.5 million square meters.

"PSP-FARMAN Holding is among the major real estate developer of Moscow and Russia. There are Holding’s offices in Moscow, Kiev, Belgrade, Brussels, Geneva and Trieste."
Presidents' message
"PSP-FARMAN Holding includes several Russian and European enterprises with their unique knowledge, experience and reputations.

"We have made up our minds to become a leader in construction operations in the real estate market since our first day, and we have been proving our leadership for 20 years now. Having created flexible and universal infrastructure in order to control and optimize all stages of our business process, we are eager to face challenging projects, working out the most creative ways to realize them.

"High professionalism and responsibility of our staff, absolute transparency in relations with our partners and unconditional fulfillment of all our obligations allow us to construct office and industry buildings for internationally famous companies; hotels and shopping centers operated by leading chains; modern sport facilities certified by international associations and many other projects.

"We are especially proud of the fact that we have long-term relationships on a friendly basis with the majority of our clients and partners.

"Nowadays, PSP-FARMAN is a company that is able to meet the most difficult and challenging tasks."

The densities of the two sites are: 
  • 513 units per hectare on the south site
  • 462 units per hectare on the north.
There are 183 units in total.

(The top range figure in the London Plan for ‘central’ areas is 405 units per hectare and 600 in ‘exceptional' cases.)

This is the scoping document of the main, southern site:

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