The Guardian: "The joy of living on top of one another"

"At a time when we need to make better use of space, a new book celebrates the world’s best apartment blocks"

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"What better use could there be for an architect’s skills than the design of a block of flats?

"To make a place where lives will be lived, loves lost and found, families raised, friendships made, plotlines developed for unwritten novels and screenplays, all within limitations of space that mean it actually requires some competence to stack up the units in better rather than worse ways – this surely is more worthwhile than to turn out another iconic museum or singular private house.

"It's a particularly pressing question in those parts of Britain where the urgent need for homes encounters the refusal to contemplate building, as previous generations would have done, on any piece of land designated 'green'.

"Instead, more people have to inhabit space formerly occupied by fewer people, which could and should be a good thing, with better use of resources, opportunities for sociability and so on, but it takes thought and care to do it well. It used to be said that Britain is not a nation of flat-dwellers: well, now we are, whether we like it or not, and we had better make the best of it."

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