The Observer: "Will skyscrapers sink to new depths in British cities?"

"Councils are under pressure to build higher, but campaigners say new towers will ruin historic skylines"

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"In Bristol, the city's mayor has announced that he wants its skyline to grow. In Norwich, the developers Weston Homes want to build a 'beacon' of 20 storeys, in the face of fears that it will trash views of 'one of Europe's great medieval cities', as Historic England put it. In Manchester, a city whose skyline has been changing for a while, the chairman of the city's civic society is running a crowdfunded campaign against a 40-storey tower that will, he says, 'despoil' and 'overbear' a historic area.

"British cities are facing the development pressures that, all around the world, push for building high. The tsunamis of skyscrapers in the Gulf and south-east Asia send out waves that wash the banks of the Avon and even inland Norfolk. There are certain twists special to Britain: austerity means that local authorities are particularly keen to grab whatever financial benefits a tower might bring, while it also weakens the underfunded planning departments that might direct and manage development."

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