Uxbridge Gazette: "Tunnel options tabled at feisty HS2 forum"

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"EXTENDING the proposed High Speed Two (HS2) tunnel under Ickenham 'could be looked at', according to officials from the firm which will build the line.

"In the first of HS2 Ltd's 'community forum' meetings with stakeholders in Ruislip, a route expert also admitted that a spur link to Heathrow 'might never happen' and that they 'didn't know where it would go'.

"Residents who would live above the tunnel were reassured they would not be able to feel vibrations as trains passed underneath their properties at up to 200mph, but might suffer two days of disruption as the tunnel was bored."

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"The Stop HS2 bandwagon has continued to roll on in the wake of the scheme's government approval in January, but one Ruislip resident is prepared to consider the possibility that the high-speed route won't be stopped. Reporter James Cracknell watched his presentation to find out more."

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