[Reposted] The OPDC on additional Crossrail branches in west London. And Other Things.

An independent summary of all known rail schemes,
from the committed to the fanciful.

The OPDC's answers on current and evolving rail schemes...
Crossrail to the WCML
"OPDC is supportive of this as it would improve accessibility to and from the Old Oak Common area. OPDC would need to be satisfied that any connection safeguards the amenity of existing residents and businesses in the Old Oak and Park Royal area."
Crossrail to the Wycombe Line
"OPDC is not aware of any proposals for this connection. OPDC would have to consider the merits of such a connection in further detail before expressing a view."
A Crossrail station within Park Royal (two possibilities are shown above)
"TfL and Network Rail are investigating options for connecting Crossrail to the West Coast Main Line. OPDC will be feeding into this work. Options would need to be considered in light of their business case and potential environmental impacts and it is premature for OPDC to express a view on whether or not a station in Park Royal would be feasible and/or viable."
London Overground from Old Oak Common to firstly Hounslow, secondly Hendon, and thirdly future London Overground use of the currently-unused platform at Acton Main Line Crossrail station
"OPDC supports further connections and services on the London Overground as this would improve the accessibility of the Old Oak and Park Royal area to employers and employees. However, OPDC is aware that any decision to deliver new London Overground services would need to be based on a thorough environmental analysis and business case."

Minimising the impact of the GWML up-relief line
viaduct on Wells House Road residents,
issues regarding the North London Line Acton Wells bridge

The OPDC's answers on...
Whether it agrees that the GWML-up-relief line and the up-WCML-link line platforms at Old Oak Common station can be swopped over, to move the viaduct away from Wells House Road bedroom windows
"OPDC is keen to ensure that the impact on the amenity of residents in minimised. OPDC would consider that issue as part of any additional provision to provide a connection to the West Coast Main Line and will also raise this point with Hs2 Ltd."
Whether it accepts that this would mean the three reversing sidings extending partly west of, and under, the North London Line Acton Wells railway bridge

Whether that bridge would therefore need to be renewed, and that this should mean all four spans

Whether it accepts that the reversing siding land must be built to a vertical level that allows a future grade-separated junction between the WCML and the Wycombe Line routes, given possible intensive traffic levels, including 8 Crossrail trains per hour through Wembley Central

Whether it accepts that more than one bridge span might be used by the WCML/Wycombe lines, and that all levels for the individual sidings must accommodate that fact

Whether it accepts that future traffic levels on the bridge, passenger and freight, means that the bridge ought to be widened to four tracks, and as a minimum, all bridge abutments and piers should be widened for four tracks, even if the extra bridge spans themselves had not yet been funded

Whether it accepts that the only way to position London Overground platforms on the Dudding Hill Line, to meet the Mayors' aspiration of a Hendon-Hounslow passenger service, is to slew the track to the west, away from Midland Terrace
"In response to the above queries, OPDC will engage with HS2 Ltd, TfL and the Department for Transport to understand whether this would be the case." [Meaning: God only knows.]

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