HS2 Ltd.'s Old Oak Common Lane, 2026: No cycle paths; GWML up-relief-line flyover next to Wells House Road bedroom windows

Old Oak Common Lane in 2015:
Looking south under the Great Western Main Line

The HS2 Ltd. 2026 plan:
Three Crossrail sidings pass underneath the flyover
(and the road has no segregated cycle paths!)
Shown here:
An empty Crossrail train enters fully into the sidings to the right
(assuming there is no connection yet to the West Coast Main Line
and the Wycombe Line)

The alternative 2026 plan:
The flyover is moved south
 Shown here:
Front train from High Wycombe, moving to the left.
Back train to Tring, moving to the right
(on the only track now under the relocated flyover)

The alternative flyover location
Involves swopping over the two northernmost Crossrail platforms

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