HS2 launches cut-down Euston station plan (For the non-HS2 part, someone else can come up with a scheme)

Only have to fit in Crossrail 2, as well ...

"Plans to bring high speed rail to Euston station and restore its place at the heart of the country’s transport network will be submitted to Parliament next week.

"Eleven new platforms for HS2 will be built at the station in two stages as part of a phased approach that means less disruption for passengers. The plans, which will now be considered by Parliament, also offer the flexibility to transform the station into a thriving transport and community hub.

"The new Euston station will provide high speed rail services from London to the Midlands, the North and Scotland. The latest plans, produced by HS2 Ltd following extensive work with rail industry partners and taking into account the aspiration for wider redevelopment, will unlock the potential at the site of the capital’s greatest regeneration opportunity.

"The provision of underpinning support structures as part of the plans will allow a range of uses above the station, delivering the flexibility for a future decision on the wider redevelopment and regeneration of the area.

"As well as the 11 high speed platforms provided by the new plan, 11 platforms will remain in the current station to serve the existing network. There will be new public spaces for shops, restaurants and cafes.

HS2 vision for Euston platform
HS2 vision for Euston platform

"The high speed station will be delivered in two stages:
  • The construction of six new high speed platforms and concourse to the west of the station to support the opening of HS2 Phase One (between London and the Midlands) high speed services in 2026
  • The construction of five further high speed platforms and concourse to support the opening of Phase Two (between London and Leeds/Manchester) high speed services in 2033

"The plans also enable potential redevelopment of the remaining existing station platforms and concourses, subject to future funding and approvals.

"The staged approach to building the high speed terminus means existing services can continue to operate, reducing both disruption for passengers and the effects on the community as a whole at any one time.

HS2 vision for Euston southern entrance
HS2 vision for Euston southern entrance

"London Underground facilities at Euston will also be significantly enhanced with passengers benefitting from greater space and connections to services including a new ticket hall and direct subway to Euston Square station. Access to taxis, buses and cycles will also be greatly improved.

"Simon Kirby, HS2 Ltd Chief Executive, said:

"These firm proposals will allow Euston to fulfil its potential.
It’s time for Euston to change. Not just if it is to fulfil its historic role as the gateway between London and much of the rest of the country, but also if it’s to become a much bigger and fully accessible part of its own community.
Just a stone’s throw away, we have seen how the stations at King’s Cross and St. Pancras have transformed the surrounding areas into vibrant and thriving locations.
We must replicate and build on that commercial and architectural success. Now is the time for Euston to catch up with its neighbours to meet the requirements of the 21st century and beyond."
"London’s first inter-city train station, Euston opened in 1837. It now caters for around 42 million passengers a year – more than double the design capacity of the current station which was built in 1968.

"As passenger numbers continue to rise, its facilities and links with London Underground face an increasing and unsustainable challenge every day.

"Rupert Walker, Euston Development Director for HS2 Ltd and Network Rail, said:

"Euston needs to become a station that both the nation and local community can be proud of – and share. It will be the best connected station in London; a crossroads between the north and the south, quickly and easily accessible from all parts of the capital and, with HS2, the country.
This will take time and inevitably cause disruption to both the community and commuters as we work to bring about change but at each stage we will do our best to explain what we are doing, and why, as well as listening to ideas about what the new Euston should look and feel like.
We will also set out at each stage how we will try to minimise the impact of the work and attempt to respond to concerns from both the community and passengers, learning from experiences on other major projects."
"The plans are proposed for inclusion in the High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill by means of an Additional Provision (AP) which is due, subject to the approval of Parliament, to be deposited later this month.

"Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said:

"HS2 offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to revolutionise not just Euston station but a whole area at the heart of London. The new station will be the catalyst for wider redevelopment and so it is right that we are ambitious in our plans to dramatically improve the design, capacity and technology used.

The plans outlined today are essential for the local community, but they also set out a vital piece of infrastructure that will benefit the whole nation – both by improving journeys, and also by supporting jobs, enabling business growth and bringing our country closer together. These are the first steps towards creating a station in Euston of which both the local community and national passengers can be proud."

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