Railway Engineer: "Taking HS2 to completion"

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"So far as many people are concerned, HS2 is a high-profile project that hasn't started yet. True, there have been some route plans published, many of which are being criticised by those who live close to the proposed alignment. But then, no-one likes a railway at the bottom of their garden.

"There have also been complaints from passenger groups who want the money spent on the classic network, improving capacity for commuters rather than allowing the fat-cats to travel from Birmingham to London ten minutes quicker. And also grumbles from the rail freight community whose trains won't be allowed on the new lines at all.

"On the other hand, other lobbyists are asking why, if it is all about capacity enhancement, the new railway won't have four tracks instead of just two.

"Then there is the fact that the new railway will terminate at Euston, with no access to HS1 and the continent, and will cause half of Camden to be flattened to accommodate it. But construction isn't due to start until 2018 and not be complete until 2025 – if it doesn’t overrun badly as large projects tend to do. No doubt there will be a lot of changes in that time, if this expensive white elephant gets built at all."

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