Shepherd's Bush blog: "H&F Council to 'muzzle' Hammersmith & Fulham's planning committee"

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"Our Council stand accused of planning to muzzle the infamous planning committee ...

"... I think their agenda is one more of impatience to transform the borough, in ways that they think are in the best interests of stimulating growth, as Council Leader Greenhalgh outlined to a debate I attended at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester earlier this year. At that meeting, it was clear he felt frustrated at not being able to do more, and faster, rather than the other way around! Those are not inherently bad intentions.

"But the criticism I do think is very valid of changes like this, being pushed through without any publicity either from them or the local media, is that it will fundamentally restrict the visibility of their decisions. In future they may well be able to simply ignore questions, about why there are not more plans to build affordable local housing, by using some 'commercial confidentiality' clause, instead of laying the figures out for all to see."

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