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"The National Infrastructure Plan 2011 confirms that the Government has published, for the first time, detailed data on the infrastructure investment and government construction pipelines pipeline. This fulfils the commitments made in the Plan for Growth.

"This data covers over 500 infrastructure investment projects and programmes across both the public and private sectors, with the government construction pipeline covering a further 300 non-infrastructure projects. Resulting in a total of over 800 projects and programmes for which there is data.

"The pipeline estimates are indicative and reflect the information held within Government on investment combined with other public sources of information. Data about purely private investment is subject to greater uncertainty than that for public sector or regulated investment. To enable analysis, some observations have been estimated to provide annual breakdowns of totals and to fill gaps in the information available.

"For infrastructure, projects under £50 million are generally excluded to focus on significant investment. In addition no information on local infrastructure projects that are not funded directly by central Government is available. Where stated funding for projects beyond 2015 is in general not confirmed. Economically regulated investment in energy and water networks is also not generally confirmed beyond currently determined regulatory periods. Generally the pipeline data are designed to provide a sense of the scale of investment and forward work that is expected but should not be taken as a commitment in each and every case.

"The data has been released in spreadsheet format and includes information on project / programme name, location, ownership, funding and costs. For the Government construction pipeline additional information is included on likely procurement routes.

"For convenience the infrastructure and construction pipeline data have been released as single file. Where this overlaps with the infrastructure investment pipeline consistent estimates have been used.

"The infrastructure investment pipeline data will be refreshed annually, and the government construction pipeline will be updated quarterly."

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