Blue Pullman: Paddington, Old Oak Common, North Acton, Perivale, Greenford, Ruislip, ...

Unfortunately, the film of Perivale ended up on the cutting room floor. Timings in this 1962 film seem to be: 
  • 0 min 52 sec: Westbourne Park station (the last main line platforms were removed in the 1990s)
  • 1 min 05 sec: Old Oak Common (branching right towards Ruislip, off the main line to Reading and Bristol) 
  • 1 min 11 sec: North Acton (Central Line) station
  • 1 min 23 sec: Greenford station.
Work out the rest for yourself!

The train driver, Ernest Morris, died with his fireman in the Dorridge train crash the following year, in August 1963.

Old Oak Common yard, looking west, also 1962
(Picture: Ben Brooksbank) 

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