Metro: "London to Birmingham high-speed rail link: A £33bn waste of money, or not?"

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"The government has given itself until 2033 to have its much-vaunted high-speed rail network linking London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds up and running. The first phase, between London and Birmingham, is expected to be built by 2026.

Transport secretary Justine Greening promised a ‘railway revolution in Britain’, saying the 225mph link would sustain 1million jobs, benefit the economy by £47billion, and cut journey times between London and Birmingham by almost 40 minutes.

The plan has divided MPs, economists and campaign groups. Its supporters see it as an opportunity to boost Britain’s infrastructure, and to bring us up to speed with our foreign rivals.

Protesters say the £32.7billion project is a waste of money that will destroy wildlife across a 160km (100-mile) stretch of countryside, in its first phase."

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