CPRE: "Should London keep on growing?"

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"Boris Johnson's London Plan calls for just over 1 million new homes in London up to 2036, or 49,000 per year. Since 2001, we've actually built at little more than half the rate this target requires: completed homes are at a rate of about 27,000 a year.

"The level of demand has driven Paul Miner bloga number of recent calls for the Green Belt to be reviewed so that land can be released in it for housing.

"Increasing the rate of building to that required by the London Plan, let alone the 62,000 a year suggested by some developers, is not currently feasible. We would need significant levels of public investment in both affordable / social housing, and in improved public transport – possibly Crossrail 3 and 4, let alone Crossrail 2. And in a red hot property market, in a city which has created nearly four times more jobs over the past 10 years than the nation’s next 60 largest cities combined, the money won’t go very far."

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