10 Nov & 12 Nov: Yet another Scrubs Lane development

The Grand Union Alliance reports:

"City & Docklands Ltd and Albany Homes Developments Ltd are currently undertaking public consultation regarding proposed development of the Mitre Yard site on Scrubs Lane.

"They will be holding a public exhibition at the City Mission Nursery on Scrubs Lane, NW10 6RB, on 
Thursday 10 November between 2pm and 7.30pm, and on Saturday 12 November between 10am and 2pm.

"As they mention at their email
'the site sits between Scrubs Lane and the train line, opposite from a row of businesses which back on to St Mary’s Cemetery. The canal is to the south of the site. At present, the site is used by a refuse and metal recycling plant'.

"They add that at this stage they are still working on the material to be presented at the exhibition and so the only available material is a red line image of the site."

If you have any questions about the development or would like to discuss any aspect of the site and would like to organise a meeting to be briefed, please contact

Josh Cole, Senior Account Executive,
Four Communications
0203 697 4347

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