HS2 Ltd.: "Changing Britain: HS2 Taking Root"

"Produced in collaboration with regional and local authorities Changing Britain: HS2 taking root outlines how HS2 is proving to be a catalyst for change and bringing about new approaches towards generating growth and productivity across the Midlands and the North, in areas not on the dedicated high speed line.

"The report underlines HS2’s vital role the economic plans and regeneration programmes for nine towns and cities and their surrounding regions. Regions are working together to maximise the benefits that HS2 will bring including on jobs and skills, trade and business growth, town centre regeneration, and integration into the regional transport network to spread the benefits as widely as possible.

"The different examples in the report show that investment in high speed rail can help:
  • drive a more competitive and diverse economy;
  • enable devolved, regional approaches to considering infrastructure, service improvements and regeneration as a whole;
  • encourage industrial and technology renewal by connecting economic hotspots;
  • reduce the social and environmental cost of historic economic imbalance, and;
  • increase aspiration and opportunity in local areas, embracing those areas seeking a greater stake in the nation’s prosperity."

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