[Reposted] Estates Gazette: Scrubs Lane: "Towering Over A Cemetery"

"A scoping opinion has been submitted for a 25-storey residential tower on Scrubs Lane just north of the Grand Union Canal. It's in a location where lots of towers will be built as part of the Old Oak Common opportunity area, however what makes this scheme unusual is it overlooks one of London’s largest cemeteries. [Not that unusual. See North Acton.]

"As the application is at scoping stage there’s no renders of the proposal as of yet, but we do know it will contain 183 residential units as well as a small amount of ground floor commercial space. The current site is made up of various light industrial units, which is the use type that currently characterizes the whole area – although not for long.

"Here's Google Satellite View of the site and the cemetery behind. The tower will be roughly where Cornices Centre currently is labelled.

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