The Observer: "Welcome to the robot-based workforce: will your job become automated too?"

"From waitstaff to care companions and legal researchers, the future of the machine worker is here. But where does that leave humans?"

Say "Take me to the web site."
(Good luck with that.)

"... 'I can see mass unemployment on the horizon as the robotics revolution takes hold,' said Noel Sharkey, a professor emeritus of robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Sharkey recently started the Foundation for Responsible Robotics to help us avoid the 'potential societal and ethical hazards' from the widespread application of autonomous robots.

"There's nothing particularly new about the alarm Sharkey is sounding. In 2013, Oxford scholars Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A Osborne warned that approximately 47% of total US employment was at risk of computerization, in an analysis that ranked 702 occupations by their likelihood of being eliminated.

"Telemarketers, accountants, sports referees, legal secretaries, and cashiers were found to be among the most likely to lose their jobs, while doctors, preschool teachers, lawyers, artists, and clergy remained relatively safe.

"In The Future of the Professions, published in 2015, authors Richard Susskind and his son, Daniel Susskind, argued that even those traditional professions will decline and be replaced by 'increasingly capable systems'."

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